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Zaidan Horzontal
Zaidan Horzontal
spacer zaidan-bullet 9-15-2011
The Recording of Exciting new Videos about our Services
spacer zaidan-bullet 6-10-2011
New ability to provide Micronutient Testing
spacer zaidan-bullet 5-14-2011
Addition of Weight Loss Services in the Clarkston Location
spacer zaidan-bullet 4-27-2011
BMI (Body Mass Index Testing) Becomes the Routine
spacer zaidan-bullet 1-21-2011
Opening of our State of the Art Clarkston Location
spacer Zaidan Bullet Debra G Osteoporosis prevention (bone health)
spacer Zaidan Bullet Lauri B "Natural" Hormones worked better!
spacer Zaidan Bullet Loree Z. Help with symptoms and accepts my insurance
spacer Zaidan Bullet Linda F Menopausal management helps me focus
spacer Zaidan Bullet Lori B Afraid of menopause
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